The ever expanding list of some of the things we like currently, locally or both.


Boston Band Crush - Great Boston Music Zine!
C.D. on Songs - BBC's Music Reviewer Supreme, C.D. Di Guardia!
Unregular Radio - Boston’s biggest online radio station!
The Boston Local Music Show - Dex MF Ter & Dave Crespo's showcase on Local Music!
Renee Trilivas - Independant Journalist & music explorer!

Hang outs:
Sound Bites - Best Brunch Ever! Even @ night!
Comicazi  - Best comic shop ever!
Ball Square Fine Wines - A mighty fine liquor store!
RedBones - The best place to escape New England tornados, a basement filled with Bourbon, Beer & BBQ!
Tasca - The finest Tapas resturant around.. They make their own fresh Sangria!
Jasmine Bistro - If you have a special someone, take them here. You will never be sorry!
Brooklyn Bowl - From fried chicken to bowling to national touring bands, what more can you ask for?
McGann's - Showcasing Boston's local music scene a stone's throw from the Garden
Bamboo - Incredible thai food!
Anna's Taqueria - Steamed tightly rolled burritos with delicious textures
Toro Sushi / CJ Wing and Seafood - Melt your face with delicious Korean Chicken
India Castle - Cambridge Indian restaurant Ben can't stop going to
Copperfields - Fenway's best - Alcohol, live music, & sports
The Dugout Cafe - BU's finest watering hole!

The Claudia Malibu - Captain Luke Cavagnac's sound explosion!
Tara White - Gary & Brenda are a staple of the Boston band scene and their mix of pop, rock and ecletic roots will knock you out!
Keith Cornella: Broken City - Keith is a talent, friend and all around musical journeyman.
Racha Fora - Racha Fora's sound is, appropriately, at once delicate and propulsive, acoustic and electronic, and fleet of finger and mind.
Mission 0 - Pounding percussion, gorgeous vocal harmonies, and a powerful blend of acoustic and electronic (pronounced 'mission zero')
JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound -Fighting the good fight to bring back real, high quality, make you leap out of your pants, SOUL music.
Bumpus - My very first band in college was called Grits and was lead by Bumpus mastermind, the insanely talented James Johnston.
The Doctors Fox  - Boston lyrical rock with strings
Walri  - Beatles-ish love rock from Rochester
Spanish Prisoners - Dream pop with lovely side phenomena

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