The Gift

A shared moment of tragedy is still a gift. We come together, cynics and optimists, members of opposing teams and loners. We have a moment to remember... to lift above personal context and see ourselves, joined to each other as we truly are, hurtling through space on a big mudball.

All we have is each other. We will live in the shadow of this day forever, perhaps we can build some good there.. Perhaps we can start talking as a nation again instead of the partisan crumbling mess we now are.

Maybe conservatives can look at their liberal friends and realize they want a better world too and liberals can look at conservatives and realize that they care about their neighbor as well.

Maybe.. In order to have a dialogue, you have to except that no matter how different you and your neighbor are ideologically, THEY are not your enemy. THEY are not idiots. THEY have real and important reasons for believing what they do. Learn to cultivate a bit of respect for your neighbor even if your political views differ greatly and release some of the contempt. Otherwise, we will crumble.. that was the terrorist's plan all along. The towers were a symbol.. They meant to crush us all, as they say, like the fall of Rome.

So let's cut the shit and start talking again.

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